Property Investment Service

Once we have taken you through our detailed property investment education process, IPRG’s Relationship Managers will work with you if suitable, to identify investment opportunities that suit your budget and needs based on our extensive research process.

IPRG then take out all the groundwork for you by utilizing our extensive networks, professional partners and industry know-how. As your one-touch point of contact, we handle all internal and external affairs where applicable to ensure you get the smoothest transaction process possible.

Our system can be broadly broken down into six (6) main stages:
1. We Understand Our Client’s Financial Capacity
Before we begin locating a suitable property for our clients, we first work with our financial planning, brokerage and accounting partners to establish our client’s financial borrowing capacity.

2. We Identify The Suitable Location
Once we have completed the financial screening process, we can then establish where our clients can buy, and how much they can afford to spend.

3. The Matching Process
Once we’ve established these factors, we then begin our research process to identify a property that is most suited to meeting our client’s unique & specific needs.

4. The Delivery Process
Once a specific property has been selected for fit, we then engage with our suppliers to ensure that the property is available and ready to go.

5. The Sales Process
After confirming these details, we then begin to manage our client’s sales journey, through reservation stage to contract signing, to final settlement.


Property as an asset class can provide you and your family with long-term security & potential future financial independence. It can also be far less volatile than other investments such as shares or stocks.

property investment services capital growth

Capital Growth

Property has the ability to benefit from capital growth as the value of the property increases over the medium to long term. Property investors can also receive regular rental income which can help you pay off the investment.

property investment service tax benefits

Tax Benefits

Property related expenses are tax deductible and can potentially reduce the amount of tax you pay. Many investors arrange to have their tax refund paid regularly during the year, thereby increasing their cash flow and maximizing their investment property returns.

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