Client Testimonials

We’ve worked hard over the years to always find the best investments we can. Hear from a few of our happy clients:

You know it’s a great product and a great company when you go back for more. I’ve purchased several investment properties with the help of IPRG and can’t wait to get onto my next one!
Cameron & Tammy Myrtle

For most other property groups, when they tell you they do extensive research to find the right property for you, it usually means they pick from a list of developers and projects that they represent. But with IPRG, these guys are the real deal. I love to do my own diligent property research and it never fails that when I find a good looking location, they already have it on their list and have offered it to me.
Steve & Sue Crawford
Property investing is about the numbers; not about the emotion. The team at IPRG showed me the truth in that when my property returned over a $32K increase in valuation from the time I signed the contact to when it settled. Since I had put down a 10% deposit of just under $39K about eighteen months ago, that is a 55% annual return on my capital. Thank you IPRG!
Brendan & Joanne Dixon

I work with a lot of guys who aren’t sure who to turn to for investment property advice and I turn them all onto the team at IPRG. They spend the time to educate people and ensure they understand the details of property investing and how it can (and even can’t) work for their individual position. I trust them to do right by my friends and co-workers and educate them; not hard sell to them.
Brett & Lisa Chapman

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