What’s all this talk about a property bubble in Australia? Evidence may suggest otherwise.

There's been a lot of talk about a property bubble lately, but is there real evidence to support such a case? Leading economists from across Australia have weighed in with their opinions, and the overwhelming majority have predicted quite the opposite to the barrage of headlines making waves across media outlets in recent months. In [...]

Is another interest rate cut looming? Senior economists weigh in.

If economists are right in their predictions, the RBA will cut rates by a further quarter of a per cent when it meets again in May. Senior ANZ economist Felicity Emmet sights a number of factors that point to a likely downward shift in rates; "It's looking like more of a line-ball call this month, [...]

RBA leaves cash rate unchanged at 2.25%

Statement by Glenn Stevens, Governor: Monetary Policy Decision Moderate growth in the global economy is expected in 2015, with the US economy continuing to strengthen, even as China's growth slows a little from last year's outcome. Commodity prices have declined over the past year, in some cases sharply. The price of oil in particular is [...]

RBA warns property prices unsustainable

With an already 'booming' market heavily inflated by both local and overseas investors, Australian house prices are at risk of potentially falling in value in conditions continue as they are.  The RBA has warned that interest-only loans may be a contributing factor to the burgeoning property market as they produce the added risk of creating [...]

The RBA announcement is in for March

  The RBA has today announced that they will leave the rates on hold for the month of March, keeping the current cash rate at its record low of 2.25%.  RBA Governor Glen Stevens has pointed to continual declines in the commodity prices along with our domestic growth rates that are also in decline. Credit [...]