With the new year well underway, Australian Property Investor has published their market outlook for 2015 and the years to come. Here we recap some of their predictions. 

Retail sales grew moderately from 2013 to 2014, having increased from 3.4% to 5.5%. This growth is expected to slow through 2015 to 5.3%.

GDP Growth will continue to increase with a long run average of 3.2% recorded over 2014-2016.

The Australian Dollar $AUD is expected to continue to fall relative to the $USD; estimated at 0.83 in 2014, 0.80 in 2015 and 0.75-0.80 in 2016.

Non-mining related industries are expected to lift and pick up gradually over the coming years.

Exports & Housing still remain positive.

Mining construction is to consequently drop off sharply as we move towards non-mining related activities and industries.

Job growth is to remain modest.

For the full scoop, take a look at the snapshot infographic below!