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Townhouses vs Houses vs Apartments

Townhouses vs Houses vs Apartments With Melbourne’s population set to increase to nearly 8 million by 2051, increases in dwelling density will be key to managing this population growth. It has been acknowledged by Plan Melbourne that it is no longer sustainable to continue expanding outwards to cater for the additional demand of 3.6M+ residents [...]

Rentvesting: A smarter way to invest

Rentvesting: A smarter way to invest I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, but what does it actually mean and what are the benefits?? Rentvesting refers to the growing trend of buying your first property as an investment while you rent elsewhere. People typically buy somewhere they can afford to (usually in a new, outer suburb [...]

Why Buying Property Off The Plan Is A Wise Investment Choice

Why Buying Property Off The Plan Is A Wise Investment Choice Investing in the property market is still one of the soundest ways to put your money to work in Australia. But it's neither foolproof nor a sure-fire way of guaranteeing wealth and a secure financial future for you and your family. To ensure your investment is [...]

The Best Place To Buy An Investment Property In Australia

The Best Place To Buy An Investment Property In Australia In real estate terms, the property cycle refers to the continuing phases of rise and fall in capital and rental returns. When creating or growing your property investment portfolio, the trick is to determine how long the property cycle is likely to last, and where [...]

Using Equity To Buy An Investment Property

Using Equity To Buy An Investment Property Over the past few years, the Australian property market has been characterised by ever-increasing prices. Despite local and regional variation, in general, home owners across the country can be confident that the value of their bricks and mortar has increased significantly over time. As a result of this, [...]

Investment Property Tips

Investment Property Tips Are you considering a property purchase in the near future? Perhaps you've got your home on the market and are busy looking for a fresh opportunity to move further up the property ladder. In these circumstances, it's all too easy to get carried away by the excitement of moving house and [...]

The Benefits Of Negative Gearing

The Benefits of Negative Gearing Negative gearing is an interesting practice in the housing market that has its own set of pros and cons. The term might intimidate people who are trying to get into the housing industry but it is quite an easy concept to grasp. People need to understand what gearing is [...]

3 Weeks Left To Claim Your Lost Super

3 Weeks Left To Claim Your Lost Super It is estimated over 30 million lost super accounts belonging to an estimated 12 million Australians are about to be shifted over to the ATO if not claimed by December 31st. Lost super accounts are old super accounts that have out of date contact information or have [...]

RBA leaves cash rate on hold at 2.0 per cent

At its meeting today, the RBA Board decided to leave the cash rate unchanged at 2.0 per cent.  Statement by Glenn Stevens, Governor: Monetary Policy Decision The global economy is expanding at a moderate pace, but some key commodity prices are much lower than a year ago. This trend appears largely to reflect increased supply, [...]

What’s all this talk about a property bubble in Australia? Evidence may suggest otherwise.

There's been a lot of talk about a property bubble lately, but is there real evidence to support such a case? Leading economists from across Australia have weighed in with their opinions, and the overwhelming majority have predicted quite the opposite to the barrage of headlines making waves across media outlets in recent months. In [...]