The Block Triple Threat has come to an end, with all contestants pocketing hefty profits this year round. 

Melbourne couple Deanne and Darren Jolly won the battle this time round with the couples renovation at 4/27 Darling St, South Yarra selling for $2.29 million – some $835,000 over their reserve price of $1.455 million. 

Ultimately, the couple pocketed a grand total of $935,000 (tax free), thanks to the $100,000 price they received as the team with the highest price over reserve. Not a bad result for 4 months work!

Returning auctioneer Damien Cooley and the team at Jellis Craig once again secured the top prize for the winning contestants on this years series, cemented their position as the go-to agents for the reality tv show.


  1. Deanne and Darren

    4/27 Darling Street

    Price: $2.29 million

    Reserve: $1,455,000

    Winnings: $835,000 plus $100,000 prize

  2. Charlotte and Josh

    1/27 Darling Street

    Price: $2.2 million

    Reserve: $1.39 million

    Winnings: $810,000

  3. Tim and Anastasia

    2/27 Darling Street

    Price: $2,175,000

    Reserve: $1.42 million

    Winnings: $755,000

  4. Jess and Ayden

    3/27 Darling Street

    Price: $2 million

    Reserve: $1,335,000

    Winnings: $665,000