Phil Hartog, IPRG Managing Director

Phil Hartog IPRG Managing Director

Monopoly Lessons Learned…

Have you ever tried to win the game by just collecting your $200 and never building houses or apartments on your properties?

It just can’t be done. Especially if all the other players are building a property empire in hope that you land on them.

This is what Phil Hartog realised at the young age of 20 when he bought his first property. His dream was to purchase 10 properties over the next 10 years, sell half of them, and have 5 free-and-clear properties that could provide cash flow and continue to appreciate in value.

A great vision, but he went into it blind. He bought, he sold. He renovated, he built from the ground up.

He tried every approach to property investment that would help him realise his dream.  And then at age 30, he took stock of where he was towards his goal. In that 10 years he had bought 15 properties but had held onto 5 of them. So he was only halfway there!

Using his Psychology degree, Phil looked methodically and evaluate his investment choices, and began to analyse what were the key factors made his investments either succeed or fail. It was with this knowledge that led him to see a gap in the marketplace where Australians were not exposed to the best research that would lower their risk when investing in real estate and set them up to be more financially secure.

So in 2006, Phil created OHL Group (now known as IPRG) to assist Australians get better property investing education and full project management services so that his clients could invest in property with less risk and get closer to realising their financial goals.

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