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We understand the dynamic nature of property development, and we also recognise and appreciate the importance of achieving pre-sales at early stages of the development lifecycle. Better yet, we have the track record to prove it. With a particular focus on boutique off-the-plan townhouse projects, we have a very targeted end-to-end sales process that ensures our clients projects reach the right targets.

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We understand the importance of pre-sales. We realize how critical it is in the sales and marketing campaigns of our developer partners. We know that it can be the difference in getting a development off the ground and underway, or stopping it dead in its tracks. With our growing database of Australian based clients and investors, we’re able to market off-the-plan sales directly to the end purchaser, without any additional marketing or sales costs. This is why we have become a trusted partner to a growing number of developers and builders Australia wide.

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Getting your project financed can often take up to 60-70% of your time when you’d rather be getting the builders started or even scouting out a site for your next development. We can help remove that time drain for you and connect you with our strategic partners who specialise in creative financing for the development industry. Focus on what you do best and let us help you get your project financed so you can get started right away.

Benefits of partnering with us

  • More Exposure

    With our existing database of clients & investors, we have the unique ability to market your projects internally without any additional marketing, sales or advertising costs that your traditional real estate agency would charge.

  • Deposit Ready Clients

    Our clients are financially stable, pre-approved and deposit ready. This ensures that all deposits are paid simultaneously with contract signing, so you achieve fast and smooth sales transactions.

  • Removing the Roadblocks

    Before our clients view or receive any projects, they must be financially approved with their tax structures set up and executed. This reduces the risk of any time delays or administrative frustrations.

  • No Middle Man

    We cut the middle man out of the equation, acting as the actual sales company, so we can have direct lines of communication to resolve any problems or issues.

  • Realistic Buyer Expectations

    Our clients undergo a thorough education process, so they have realistic expectations about the construction process and are committed for the long term. This means no head aches or hassle from a sales point of view.

  • Long-term Partnerships

    We are looking for long-term business relationships where we can provide sales and financing for boutique developers sharing our culture of providing a great product and recommendable experience.

To successfully manage my businesses cash-flow position, it’s crucial for me to obtain pre-sales early on in the lifecycle of my developments.

IPRG were extremely resourceful, diligent and proactive in my dealings with them, securing multiple sales for my development that allowed me to obtain construction finance and added security to my business.

The ability to connect with pre-approved clients that had already been through a financial screening process meant that the sales transaction was extremely smooth and stress-free.

I would be happy to work with them again on future projects.

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