Property Investment Education Workshop


Property Investment Education Workshop


Here at IPRG, we guide our clients through a series of free property investment workshops, so that they can

you have a very trusted relationship with your clients. They count on you to provide them with the best advice around tax and accounting matters and you want to see them succeed financially.

But did you know that the vast majority of Australians will reach retirement age significantly underfunded? According to the 2011 Australian Census Data, 68% of them will have less than $32K per annum to live on. See for yourself with our Freedom Calculator.

Are any of these your clients?

The percentages say they are. But what is more concerning for your practice is that those exact clients are looking for answers. And if you don’t give them any, they have plenty of other options. Financial Planners, Real Estate Agents and Seminar Specialists are bombarding your clients with marketing messages telling them that they can provide those answers.

And not only will they provide answers, but they will steal your clients away from you!

Or even worse, your clients will be so confused that they do nothing. Which means come retirement age; they are falling into that 68% bracket.

But what can you do about it?

  • You can ensure you advise your clients that they have a problem before somebody else does.
  • You can listen to your clients and find out what they are needing and be that authority that provides them with the right answers – without going outside of your scope.
  • You can align yourself with service providers who will enhance your practice – not steal from it.

FCM Logo VerticalAnd how do you do all of this when you need to focus on your core business?

We have developed a product called Full Circle Marketing System.

This system is designed by marketers exclusively for Accountants. The Full Circle Marketing System is a communication system for your existing clients so that you can provide more proactive services that they are looking for. Not only does this create a great customer experience for your client, but it helps you wrap your arms around your client and provide a more complete value and service.

We believe that proper financial education can dramatically improve people’s confidence to take control of their financial future and be in a better position to make decisions that will benefit themselves in the future.

By being that authority that helps provide this financial education, your clients will thank you with increased loyalty, satisfaction and quite potentially additional service-based work for your practice without the threat of others stealing them away.

If you are interested in learning more about the Full Circle Marketing System and what we can offer to you and your clients by becoming a strategic partner, please call us on 03 9696 8484 or complete the form below and we will be in contact with you within 24 working hours.